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Job Name: U of M Multi Bldg HHW CHW Replace
Due Date: 8/21
Time: 2PM
Addenda: 1 
Estimator: Ed Theisen
Email: Email Ed
Bidding DocumentsHHW CHW

Job Name: Airport HS Weld Shops
Due Date: 8/19
Time: 1PM
Addendums: 1, 2, 3, 4
Estimator: Ed Theisen
Email: Email Ed
Bidding DocumentsAirport

Job Name: U of M UH & Brehm DHW Heater Replacements
Due Date: 8/28
Time: 2PM
Addendums: 1
Estimator: Tom/Dale
Email: Email Tom
Bidding DocumentsBrehm


































































































































































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